woensdag 31 augustus 2016

Puppy Staff

So after a long silent time I can finaly post a new sculpture. I didn't use super sculpey this time but I still had some air drying clay lying around so I used that. On the package it said that it was supposed to have a rock/marble-ish look but when opening the package the clay turned out to be just gray with a hint of small glitter. I did use a bit of the clay for making a rock for a little dioramma but I think I still have to paint that into an actual looking rock.

So I decided that the clay wasn't worth just using for rocks and stuff like that and I decided to sculpt a puppy.

It was inspire by a picture of a staffordshire bull terrier. I didn't look too much into scale but I think it could just pass a 1:12 stafford puppy.

It still needs to be painted though... I'm not sure what colour yet.

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