woensdag 31 augustus 2016

Puppy Staff

So after a long silent time I can finaly post a new sculpture. I didn't use super sculpey this time but I still had some air drying clay lying around so I used that. On the package it said that it was supposed to have a rock/marble-ish look but when opening the package the clay turned out to be just gray with a hint of small glitter. I did use a bit of the clay for making a rock for a little dioramma but I think I still have to paint that into an actual looking rock.

So I decided that the clay wasn't worth just using for rocks and stuff like that and I decided to sculpt a puppy.

It was inspire by a picture of a staffordshire bull terrier. I didn't look too much into scale but I think it could just pass a 1:12 stafford puppy.

It still needs to be painted though... I'm not sure what colour yet.

maandag 11 juli 2016

Little Fjord finished

Here's the little fjord horse I was working on some time ago. It has been finished for a while (and living with it's owner in the US) but I never got around posting the pictures I took. So here you go:

The base

dinsdag 21 juni 2016

Aluminum Tueseday

Sculpting figures with polymer clay takes time but creates figures with a lot of detail. However I do not always have time or have access to sculpting supplies. Most of the the I have the supplies, but not the time but there are some small occasions that I don't have the supplies but do have time. Once a week I travel by train and I need to sit in the train for about an hour and I usually wrap my lunch in aluminium foil. And without sculpting supplies aluminium foil is the next best thing to "sculpt" with.

Long story short: When I'm in the train with aluminium foil I make I little animals out of it and leave it behind in the train : ). But I do however take pictures before I leave the train.

Here's one (I actually didn't make in the train).


woensdag 27 april 2016

Little Fjord Custom

A new custom I've been working on is this little fjord horse. It started as a brown sika horse of which I removed the mane. I also changed the backline and the headline to make it look a bit more like a fjord. Partly because I could use my brother's dremel and partly to make it look a bit more fjordy cuase let's be honest; this horse doesn't really have the fjord build...

Anyway, I restarted his repainting twice probably because it was a while age since I repainted "fur-textured" animals. When a figure has fur texture it is easier to paint smooth transitions but when dealing with a smooth textured figure those transitions can better be done with pastel dust. (espesially when you're just using acrylics in the evening when it looks all fine until you see it in broad daylight the next morning...)

But now he's almost finished, just the last details need to be done.
 (my apologies for the low quality photo's)

Because the horse is not is not really capable of standing well on it's own I made a little base.

Here are all the materials I used to make the base. I'm really pleased with it, but it doesn't really show well in the picture.

zondag 27 maart 2016

Fennec fox sculpture painted

Some time ago I sculpted this little fennec fox but I never found the time to paint her. She's been sitting on a cabinet for quite some time and had her little leg broken off once. However, I'm very pleased to tell you that she now finally has been given a proper colour.

Because fennec foxes are so small, I decided to sculpt it in 1:12 scale instead of the usual 1:22. Here she is:

" The fennec fox or fennec (Vulpes zerda) is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa. Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which also serve to dissipate heat. The fennec is the smallest species of canid. Its coat, ears, and kidney functions have adapted to high-temperature, low-water, desert environments. In addition, its hearing is sensitive enough to hear prey moving underground. It mainly eats insects, small mammals, and birds. "
- wikipedia


 I'm not sure whenever I mentioned it in other posts, but while I was sculpting I kept some sort of a log in ms excel of the time I spent on it. I hoped it would give me more insight as how long it would take for me to actually sculpt a little animal as a lot of people ask me how long it takes to sculpt something. For the painting of the fox I didn't kept a log... not for any specific  reason, just 'cause I just didn't think about it.
I have no idea what others normally do... though it looks quite okay. I expected it to take longer then the stated hours, but that could also be because it took several days and it wasn't in one go...

The table with the times I spent sculpting.*
*Sorry it's in Dutch.. "tijd" means time and  "uren bezig" means hours spent. Everything else is clear enough I think.

zaterdag 19 maart 2016


Time to upload some repaints agian.

Following the tutorial I also used for the previous tiger I repaint two AAA tigers. Before they were quite yellow and I just like the idea of having more tigers in my collection that look realistic and fit well together.

Here's my whole tiger bunch :D. Except for my little golden tabby tiger...  Anyway, I have another tiger that could do with a better paintwork. Unfortuately, time is not my friend and looking at the time it took for me to post this after the first tiger repaint... I hope to be able to show more in the future ;)

woensdag 23 december 2015

Tiger is finally fully stripped!

Hurray, my little tiger finally has all of it's stripes! It took me some time to finish it but I'm very pleased with the results. All thanks to the tutorial on STS forum :D It looks much better than the original one, but that's mostly the case with modern brand tigers. To give them real realistic stripes during mass production just takes too much time and money. As children toys this is not a problem but for a hobbyist that's aiming for true to natures animals it's different. However, needing to repaint them gave me a nice opportunity to study tigers and it's stripes more resulting in a broader knowledge :D

After all this bla bla I will now give you the pictures, enjoy!

And a fancy picture: 
"Am I not the scariest tiger you've seen?"