woensdag 27 april 2016

Little Fjord Custom

A new custom I've been working on is this little fjord horse. It started as a brown sika horse of which I removed the mane. I also changed the backline and the headline to make it look a bit more like a fjord. Partly because I could use my brother's dremel and partly to make it look a bit more fjordy cuase let's be honest; this horse doesn't really have the fjord build...

Anyway, I restarted his repainting twice probably because it was a while age since I repainted "fur-textured" animals. When a figure has fur texture it is easier to paint smooth transitions but when dealing with a smooth textured figure those transitions can better be done with pastel dust. (espesially when you're just using acrylics in the evening when it looks all fine until you see it in broad daylight the next morning...)

But now he's almost finished, just the last details need to be done.
 (my apologies for the low quality photo's)

Because the horse is not is not really capable of standing well on it's own I made a little base.

Here are all the materials I used to make the base. I'm really pleased with it, but it doesn't really show well in the picture.

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