vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Golden doggie

De Golden Retriever is klaar. De ogen zijn nu geschilderd en ze heeft een eigen zakdoek-halsband. Ik pesenteer: Leihla

The Golden Retriever is finished. The eyes are now done and she has her own handkerchief-collar(-thing). I present to you: Leihla

Head detail
 De zakdoek-halsband kan er ook afgehaald worden : )
The handkerchief-collar(-thing) is removable. : )

2 opmerkingen:

  1. How sweet! I'm sorry I don't speak your language - it looks similar to German (which I do speak to a certain extent) but not sure what it is?
    You look like you will have a whole kennel full of dogs by the time you are finished - your horses are amazing too.
    Charlotte :)

    1. Thank you :) My dog-figures shelf is running out of room already :P
      The language is Dutch btw, and you don't have to be sorry for not being able to speak it ;) English is fine too (though I probably make lots of (gramer) mistakes).